At LAMA Inc., we draw from methods and models in the field of creativity that have evolved from more than 50 years of research.  We pride ourselves on using a practical approach to creativity and innovation that is derived from evidence-based outcomes.

As scholars of creativity, we are often asked, “How is creativity defined?” One way to respond is through a model of creativity developed in the early 1960‘s by Mel Rhodes.  It is known as the Four P’s of Creativity:

This system model is still used today.  Each of the Four P’s has been researched extensively. 

In 1988, creativity scholar Simonton added a fifth P, persuasion.  ​Simonton stated, “A creator [must] claim appreciators or admirers to be legitimatized as a true creator."

When FACILITATING or TRAINING organizations in the field of creativity and innovation, the approach is multi-faceted.  We look to enhance the team members’ (PERSON) innate creative ability, while providing language and a repeatable framework (PROCESS) to optimize their potential to innovate(PRODUCT).  In addition, we discuss the attributes of an organization's environment (PRESS) where creativity can thrive.  Consensus building among the team members (PERSUASION) is of equal focus.