Unleashing the Power of Creativity TM  :

Creative Problem Solving Basics

In this interactive program, participants will learn the Creative Problem Solving process and how to apply it in order to solve actual problems that they encounter in their professional or personal life.  This program has been delivered in both North and South America to train existing work groups as well as entire divisions and organizations. The results have exceeded our clients’ expectations in terms of financial gain, time savings, and organizational effectiveness.



Key program benefits include:

  • Enhancing participants’ skills to increase the creative productivity of the whole organization.

  • Shortening the amount of time it takes to solve problems and implement solutions by adopting a deliberate problem solving process.

  • Clarifying the proper problem.

  • Evaluating and solving real organizational problems.

  • Creating a focus to achieve continuous improvement.

  • Generating and effectively evaluating ideas in groups.

  • Building ideas for action and successful implementation.

  • Developing an organizational environment that nurtures creativity.

  • Adopting a common process and language by which teams can solve problems and create breakthroughs.​



Group Size:  Up to 24.