Leading on the Creative Edge TM

The organizations that will thrive over time are not the ones with the deepest pockets, but the ones that unleash and apply the creativity of their workforce.  Leaders who know how to nurture their own creativity while igniting creativity in others are able to use the strategic business weapon most crucial to gaining and maintaining a competitive edge.


Extraordinary bottom-line results come when a leader nurtures rather than destroys the creativity of everyone in the organization. Whether you lead a multi-million dollar corporation, help a volunteer group, coach Little League, teach in a classroom, or work for a non-profit organization, this program will provide you with the crucial information and cutting-edge research you need to take your leadership (and creativity) to a new level.



Key points include:

  • How leaders can play a vital role in developing a work environment that promotes creativity.

  • How mistakes can actually stimulate innovation.

  • How to make a habit of being creative.

  • How to encourage the creative contributions of everyone in your organization.​



Group Size:  Up to 2,000.