Anyone can partake in a CPS session.  CPS can be used for individuals, groups, nonprofits, or corporations.  CPS does not take the place of an individual’s natural creative thinking process.  Rather, it is a simple, repeatable framework that provides a more systematic means of approaching challenges. The CPS model introduces structured thinking that leads to novel solutions in our creative attempts to solve perplexing problems or create innovation.

CPS is used for situations that are ill defined (i.e., with no single-path solution),  novel (i.e., the situation is either changing or new) or ambiguous (i.e., information is missing or it is difficult to determine what is relevant). CPS does not provide the answers.  Rather, it provides a method to achieve the answers.

We’ll show you!  We work within the framework of CPS to stretch the participants’ minds from the area of familiarity to the area of new ideas, discovery and innovation.

CPS can be used when there is a need for change, innovation, or a different approach.  It is used where there is a gap between what you have and what you want.  The intent of CPS is the execution of a novel solution to a complex problem.