Organizations are more complex than ever, and leaders must embrace bold creativity in order to survive.  They are continuously faced with ill-defined problems without a single-path solution.  The successful leaders of our time will be those who take on the  practice of creativity, which encompasses openness and a tolerance for ambiguity, embrace disruptive innovation and continuous re-invention, while taking balanced risks.

Given that the research shows (IBM, 2010) that creativity is considered the most critical leadership quality in today’s fast-paced global economy and strategic planning is advantageous for those organizations looking to optimize their resources while solving complex issues, an overlay of these practices makes sense.

We’ll show you!  Through an overlay of creativity (metacognition) tools and the integration of strategic planning models, innovation emerges.

Many strategic plans are numbers driven, with no creative component. We encourage  leaders to engage in  “out of the box” thinking, and to subsequently examine and scrutinize the ideas external to their existing/traditional strategic planning framework.  The result... innovation!